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Trip To Kolli Hills by tnstc bus

Hi Friends, kolli hills is wonderful destination for all type of travellers its known for its Hairpin Bends (King of Bends) with 70 Bends.

So, to reach the destination kolli hills our tamilnadu government ply buses from 3 origins (*according to my view)

But namakkal seams to be Gateway for Kolli hills for all over southern or western or eastern Tamilnadu Peoples.

  1. Namakkal to Kolli Hills ( Via : Muthugapatti,Senthamangalam,Karavalli,Solakaddu )

  2. Salem to Kolli Hills ( Via : Rasipuram,Belukurichi,Karavalli,Solakaddu )

  3. Atthur to kolli Hills ( Via : Thammampatti,Mullukurichi,semmedu )

  4. Senthamangalam to Kolli hills(Private) Via karavalli,Solakaaddu.

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Reach Kolli hills

  1. Namakkal to Kolli hills, namakkal bus stand is an Gateway for Kolli hills More than 14 Buses Available daily to Kolli hills

  2. Salem to Kolli hills, From Salem 3 Direct bus available towards kolli or reach namakkal bus stand from namakkal 14 bus available.

  3. Atthur to Kolli hills From Atthur bus stand it has 3 buses towards kolli hills. Second option going Namakkal then from namakkal to KolliHills

  4. Rasipuram to Kolli Hills From here no orinigating Bus towards Kolli hills But Buses From Salem Goes Via Rasipuram Bus stand

  5. Senthamangalam to Kolli Hills From here no orinigating Bus towards Kolli hills But Buses From namakkal Goes Via Senthamangalam Bus stand


Reach Kolli hills from all over tamilnadu

Thankfully Namakkal is an beautiful town which connects all over tamilnadu from each locations

  • Kanyakumari or (Marthandam,Nagercoil,Trivandram,Susindram,Kudankulam,etc ) to kolli hills by Taking Setc Buses from their bus stand or all at Nagercoil Taking Bus towards Bangalore (More than 5 bus available from nagercoil to bangalore make a stopover at namakkal bus stand still namakkal at center or nearing salem bus will arrive namakkal early 3am, Hopefully From namakkal tnstc operates 14 Schedules operated by Tnstc Salem.

  • Tirunelveli or (Tenkasi,Sengottai,thiruchendur) to kolli hills by taking Setc buses from their bbus stands or Stop Throughs such as Madurai>Karur>Namakkal Buses. Then From Namakkal Bus stand 14 schedules available,which is operated by Tnstc Salem.

  • Madurai to kolli hills by taking each and every Salem Bus Operated by Setc/Tnstc then stopover at Namakkal Bus stand Then from namakkal 14 buses available.

  • Coimbatore or Erode to pollachi to tiruppur to Valparai to Ooty to kolli hills Take Buses to salem/Rasipuram/Namakkal But Friends you must choose Namakkal plying over buses because From namakkal it has 14 buses but from salem or rasipuram only 4 buses all have same route from senthamangalam bus stand, consider which ever is possible

  • Bangalore or Krishnagiri or Dharmapuri Take buses towards Salem First then From Salem We have 3 buses towards to Kolli hills, but you have another choice going towards Namakkal which takes about 1hour From Salem But from namakkal 14 Services available towards Kolli hills

  • Trichy to Kolli hills take bus towards Namakkal buses ,Salem Buses available 24*7 Stopover at Namakal Bus stand. friends Consider my point that from trichy to namakkal any bus would go within Maximum 2.20 Minutes from trichy so if you are planning to go Kolli hills Plan by taking Bus from namakkal bus stand for catching that bus by time, Dont waste time waiting at namakkal bus stand because bus avaible only after and after 4 hours only.

  • Velankanni or nagapattinam or thiruvarur or Thanjavur or kumbakonam To Kolli Hills take buses towards First Trichy or Directly towards Salem Buses which Obviously Stops at namakkal then from namakkal 14 Services available towards Kolli hills

  • Pondicherry or Cuddalore or Mayiladuthurai or Chidambaram or Vadalur or Neyveli to kolli hills take Buses towards Salem stop over at Attur bus stand if you Misses Both bus from Atthur Dont worry we have another Only one Bus at Salem Bus stand at 1Pm.

  • Chennai to Kolli Hills take bus towards salem bus stand then from salem we have 3 buses or take another 1 hour journey from salem to Namakkal from Namakkal 14 buses Available To kolli hills.

  • Villupuram or tiruvanamalai or kanchipuram or vellore to Kolli hills take buses towards salem bus stand then from salem we have 3 buses or take another 1 hour journey from salem to Namakkal from Namakkal Bus stand 14 buses Available To kolli hills.

Guys, i think i covered how to reach kolli hills from allover tamilnadu i hope this would help you

hopes you enjoy your trip , Happy Journey


How to reach Arapaleeswarar temple,Kolli malai

By all over tamil nadu by taking Buses towards namakkal bus stand , then From Namakkal Bus stand to arapaleeswarar temple 7 Buses available to arappalesswarar temple


Plan your trip with and i shared how to reach to several places in tamilnadu read that tooo..

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